Navigating a Financial Crisis

by Thomas Hanes on Jun 17, 2020

Business Planning, Finance

During a crisis, you need answers, and your we at TLH Advisors knows this. It is a scramble to find the right information, and sometimes you do not even know whom to call. So, what do you do? Well, luckily for you, we have spent some time thinking about this and have come up with some of the most important things to do to during a crisis. 

Before the Crisis

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The COVID-19 Business Landscape: Tips for Startups

by Thomas Hanes on Apr 4, 2020

COVID-19, Startups, Bootstrap Advisors, Entrepreneurs

The coronavirus crisis is turning out to be an international economic emergency, with ramifications for all industries and markets, similar to the recession of 2008 but probably more far reaching. A cross-border financial crisis affects businesses large and small, challenging an organization's management and its employees. But in all crises, opportunities are created, as well as problems.

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Two Approaches To Mortgage Insurance

by Thomas Hanes on Jun 22, 2017

When buyers first purchase a dwelling, they are normally presented with a mortgage insurance application at their bank or mortgage broker.  There are two issues that they are not told when this insurance is taken out:  first, that there are often charges which are connected with the redemption of the mortgage, and second, there are severe limits for mortgage insurance taken out through a bank or mortgage company.

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