Group Benefits

What are Group Benefits and why does your company need them?

For over 20 years, we have assisted successful employers in providing benefits for their most valuable asset – their employee family!  If you're thinking of adding a benefit plan to help attract and keep good staff, or are looking for a way to add to employees’ remuneration that is more valuable than the same cost of a raise, let us show you a way to do that!  We will show you the process of constructing the best programme for both your company and those who make your business profitable –your employees.  These benefits include:  Life Insurance, Accident (ADD) Insurance, Short-and Long-Term Disability Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Extended Health Benefits, and Dental Insurance.

TLH Benefits Advisors has specialized in providing new benefit programs plus improving and saving money for existing group plans for over 25 years.  We have dealt with all kinds of staff benefits with considerable success and we would love to show you how we can save and attract great staff, use your budget effectively and allow you to be more competitive in todays’ market and workplace. Contact us today, and let us save you time, employees and money!

How can the premium for a Benefits plan be better than a raise to staff?

The benefits from a group plan often go further than a raise for a whole host of reasons.  The benefits AND premium for most benefits are NOT TAXABLE to the staff members, while the premiums are tax deductible to the sponsor company – in other words, you both win!  However, if you give your staff raises, those are TAXABLE!  Furthermore, your staff members can often claim more than the actual benefit premium.   A few dental visits per year, a filling or two, and many prescriptions will add up!  We can show you in hard dollars and cents how a Benefits plan will be doubly economical.

How can I get a confidential, no-obligation quote from TLH Benefits Advisors?

 It’s easy “as pie”!  All you have to do is click the “Get A Quote” button on this page, check the items on the form, and fill in all the information that is requested.  We will then consult with our suppliers and contact you to set up an appointment to review our findings, showing you how starting or moving your current plan through TLH Benefits Advisors will be best for you.  Or, click the “Book a Meeting” button, and we will set up a short time to talk to you face to face – recommended if you have a larger staff.  Use either will find it more than worth your while.