The Office Age is coming to an end.

by Thomas Hanes on Aug 28, 2021

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For the generations of knowledge workers, the office has been where all the work happens. It was logical: it's an excellent strategy to bring those people into a central location when you have work to do and need others to do that work. So towns transformed into cities, and open-plan offices became crowded with cubicles. Then the internet hit the scene, and work began to evolve.
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#5 Tips All Entrepreneurs Should Learn Before Filing Your 2020 Taxes

by Thomas Hanes on Feb 17, 2021

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An essential task for every entrepreneur is to take command of their finances & taxes, which can become a big issue when left unchecked. From racing to their accountant's office to sorting through old documents, entrepreneurs have to do it all. But, to make it simpler, here's a quick checklist that every entrepreneur should go over while filing taxes.
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Safeguarding Your Intellectual Capital

by Thomas Hanes on Jan 30, 2021

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Many people, who have gained success and prosperity through their business, have done so with their intellectual capital. What exactly is intellectual capital? This is the sum of the business’s hidden assets, such as its human resources, knowledge, intellectual property, and client and stakeholder relationships, bringing extensive value to the company. In essence, it is that which gives your business its competing advantage. When the formula is lost or stolen, your business can lose most, if not all, of its value.
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How to Build Good Credit

by Thomas Hanes on Jan 30, 2021

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Credit scores are Canadians' financial identity - it is the three-digit number that informs future lenders, creditors, or employers how financially responsible an individual has been. This score will present a person's ability to rent an apartment, buy their own home or vehicle, and qualify for loans at reasonable interest rates. Despite being such a crucial part of ascertaining any Canadian's quality of life, many are oblivious of their credit scores!
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