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Ever heard of the phrase “don’t leave home without it!”? They must have been talking about travel insurance.  If you've ever become ill while travelling out of Canada or even out of your province, you KNOW... how what should have been a wonderful, relaxing time can became a painful, stressful experience, and not to mention an economic disaster.  The costs of ambulance transport, hospitalization, prescription drugs, operations and other medical care can be economically disastrous, let alone the costs of relatives and others attending those under care, and transport of the patient back to Canada. 

We cannot overstress the necessity for travel insurance, to protect yourself from the economic and health care disasters that can result from not having this protection!  For a very reasonable premium you can protect yourself and your family from these terrible circumstances when outside Canada or even the province.  

Visitors to Canada who have not purchased travelers’ insurance, those applying for provincial coverage, and foreign workers with a contract to work in Canada can all purchase travel insurance here.

TLH Benefits makes it easy to obtain the protection you need to have worry-free health issues during your travels, by simply clicking on the button on the right.  You will be protected on your trip by Blue Cross travel insurance, the most recognized worldwide.


  • You may use this system if you are AGE 60 OR YOUNGER:  If you are age 61 or older, please call our office number 647-727-9122, and we will be pleased to help you personally.
  • In agreeing with the health statement in the application, it means, in part, that if you are taking internal prescription medications regularly, that any change, including a reduction in dosage is a change in medication.  If this is the case, call our office number above to order your insurance.
  • You need to have a valid credit card to order this insurance.


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