Uninsured People Who Need Prescriptions

by Thomas Hanes on Nov 17, 2021

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With approximately 20 percent of New Brunswick's population having neither public nor private drug coverage, the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) strives to identify who these underinsured individuals are, as well as those who have to pay high out-of-pocket costs.


Comments during the New Brunswick consultation and from the "Striving for Dependable Public Health Care 2021" state that they are implementing actions to deliver sustainable public drug plans and provide savings coverage to the uninsured underinsured.


The insurance industry holds that the federal, provincial, and territorial governments and private insurers should work together to develop a standardized list, also known as a formulary,  of available medications which all Canadians will have access to regardless of their living location or their workplace benefits status.


It states that private insurers will want to work with governments to guarantee access across Canada. Not only to a standard list of medications but also to high-cost medications used to treat chronic or rare illnesses.


It recommends that all Canadians have coverage through a plan offered either by an employer, union, or other professional organization or by the government. That way, Canadians can address, access, and ensure that their current plans do not see their coverage reduced while using public funds.




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